Faire Merchants

BE A PART our 2017 Merchant Marketplace.  For more information, download the merchant application form, Merchant Application. And, please check our Vendor Costuming Rules.

All proceeds from the Faire benefit the teachers and students in the Lake County Public Schools.

Lovely trinkets to buy, food to eat and drinks to imbibe….

merchant-2015Come and walk admist the many Artisans filling our Shire, working in mediums such as metal (swords), pottery, leather work, blacksmithing, sculpture, candle making, jewelry, and garb such as corsets, head covers, and kilts just to name a few.

Avatar Staff & Wands

Walking staffs, canes, wands, and assorted items.

Bee Maidens

Custom made costumes, candles, jewelry, fairy doors and other gifts from the Hive. – https://www.facebook.com/TheBeeMaidens

Blade Tech

From the time Michael D. Cox was a boy, he was fascinated by blades.  “My dad always told me ‘Take care of your tools and they will take care of you’.”  Stop by and allow him to care for your blades, doing his best to maximize your blades performance, and help others by donating 10% of all proceeds to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.  https://www.facebook.com/bladetech.services/

Celtic Goddess

Unusual…Bewitching…Magickal…One of a Kind works of art. – https://www.facebook.com/CelticGoddessMagick/

The Crystal Rock Shop

Crystals can bring wonderful energies into your life. Whether you’re new to crystals or currently use them, Maureen Monahan of The Crystal Rock Shop shares the Beauty of Earth’s Treasures on a Spiritual and Metaphysical level and offering the experience and tools to assist your journey.

DeRosa’s Boots & Exquisite Leather

Our mission is to provide Pirates, Ren Folk and Motorcyclists the with unparalleled looks, unequaled quality in materials and repairs and above all, superior craftsmanship.   DeRosas creates and sells the ultimate in quality leather products available from heirloom leather created in the Napa Valley and great boots of all types.  http://www.derosasleather.com/

Dragon Ice Cream

Enjoy sweet treats from the “coolest” dragon in the Central Florida area.  https://www.facebook.com/Dragon-Ice-Cream-150161235943/timeline/

Fantasy Art by Deanna Davoli & Tammy Pryce

Welcome to the art gallery of fantasy artists Deanna Davoli & Tammy Pryce. Visiting here, you will find multiple works of fairy tale characters, vampires, fairies, angels, gothic art, steampunk couture, goddesses, elves & anything fantastical. - http://www.deannadavoli.com/http://tammypryce.com/ Home of the Sad Little Dragons!

The Flower Maiden or Ophelia’s Creations

Having crafted unique crowns the past six years, be sure to stop by and visit with Ophelia, who provides hand crafted floral wreaths, or “flower crowns” for all ages.  No two are alike.

Gypsie Moon Artistry

Gypsie Moon is a creation of Sheila Amiot that encompasses many of her talents which include being a psychic, henna artist, costume creator, designer and artist. Gypsie Moon also features gypsy jewelry, clothing and metaphysical merchandise. – https://www.facebook.com/GypsieMoonArtistry/

Gypsy Blue Trading Company

As it was in the days of old, the Gypsy Blue Trading Company Caravan follows the cross of the gypsy trail, bringing with it wondrous items for you. – http://www.gypsybluetrading.com/

Heart Song Naturals

Heart Song Naturals provides the finest in natural handmade products for you and your family. Each fragrance is a melody and each formula is in harmony with nature. - http://heartsongnaturals.com/

Hearts Delight – Clothing Store

Hearts Delight, an award winning clothier, is a family owned and operated business started by Ron and Deborah in 1985. Lovingly created, the family make and dye the clothing in Ventura, Ca. They take great pride in marketing their product in a comfortable and informational environment, showing by example how the clothing is properly and authentically worn. - https://www.facebook.com/Hearts-Delight-133847656673820/

Highland Kilt Company

From great quality kilts to all of your Scottish wear accessories, they have you covered from head to toe!  Founded in 2008,  they carry nearly 100 different tartans in 100% acrylic and acrylic/wool blends. You can also order custom kilts in 100% wool made in Scotland in over 500 tartans as well! The have cargo kilts, women’s kilts, children’s kilts, accessories, and so much more!  Be sure to stop by.  http://www.highlandkilt.com/

Historic Trade / Sock Zen

Historic Trade specializes in affordable costuming and can cover a patron from head to toe. We carry an enormous variety of socks, dresses, corsets, accessories, skirts, shirts and pants for both genders.We have years of experience helping to fulfill our customers needs. https://www.facebook.com/HistoricTrade/

Joy Dragons

Joy Dragons are adorable little dragon sculptures that can bring joy to any day! All Joy Dragons are hand-made to order, light-weight, and come in three vibrant colors of your choice. - https://www.facebook.com/Joy-Dragons-451816228229591/

Just in Tyme Boots

We are a South Florida based company that sells affordable boots to the masses. Our boots are perfect for Medieval and Renaissance Faires, Re-enactment groups, Steampunk, Goth/Fetish parties, Cosplay, Pirates and whatever else you’re into. https://www.facebook.com/Just-In-Tyme-Boots-228445820565059/

KM Hairbraids

For over 22 years, Kathleen McGloin has been creating masterpieces of beauty, including appropriate decoration, for her customer’s hair.  Our own Queen and Court have their hair done by Kathleen.  Look like a Royal for the day and be sure to stop by and visit her.

The Knotted Cloak

Beautifully designed renaissance and Celtic cloaks featuring authentic Celtic knot work and Swarovski crystal bead work. All unique, no two are alike! https://www.facebook.com/TheKnottedCloak/ 

Links to Moore Elegance

Founded in 2014, owner and master craftsman, Scott Moore, creates unique pieces of  all sorts of weaves and patterns.  Working whenever he can without a sense of time, you’ll find he always have a pair of pliers in hand to keep him linking.  https://www.facebook.com/LinksToMooreElegance/

The Midsummer Knight’s Dream

Since 1983, creating hand crafted Woodbaby Puppets for more than 26 years, we have toiled diligently to bring to the world the finest puppets only time and experience can achieve. In our studios, magic happens. https://www.facebook.com/The-Midsummer-Knights-Dream-256222149410/?fref=ts

Moon Counsel Astrology & Louise’s Calendula Salve

Sit for a private reading with Louise Raterman, renowned professional astrologer with almost three decades of experience. She has a degree in Geography and uses astrology as a scientific tool for understanding the human psyche and for healing and growth.  

Louise’s Healing Calendula Salve is an organic lotion which can be used both as a gentle but effective antibacterial agent and as a luxuriant skin moisturizer. Louise makes this with a combination of organic and unrefined oils – sesame, hemp seed, olive, pumpkin seed, with organic shea butter and essential oils – including oil of turmericYour skin will love you! http://www.calendulasalve.com/

Naughtycal Pirates

Come and explore our booty, including a whole line of new jewelry in sterling and semi precious stones, plus all our fun pirate bling to enhance your favorite costuming.  https://www.facebook.com/Naughtycal-Pirates-164801593632508/

Philosopher’s Stone

Apparel store selling Gypsy & belly dance clothing, jewelery, swords and daggers, skirts and dresses, pewter pendants and other gift items.  https://www.facebook.com/PhilosophersStonevending/

Precious Plunder

Whether a King, Queen, Prince or Princess, you will find the most lovely pieces, custom made by our Artisians.  Having been in business for 18 years, our artisians craft each unique piece by hand to suit all.  https://www.facebook.com/preciousplunder/?fref=ts

Red Hot Henna

After studying art at the University of Georgia, Kristin Thorson promptly left conventional life behind to traipse around the country selling belly dancing jewelry at outdoor festivals. Her artistic Inspiration lead her in a new career direction.  Now you can visit with Kristen as she creates a body masterpiece through all natural mehndi henna body art.

Richard III Society – American Branch

Founded in 1959, the American Branch has over 4000 members dedicated to the study of the life and reassessment of the reputation of Richard III, the last Medieval English King. http://www.r3.org/

Something Different – Gypsys Mystical Caravan

We have a really nice assortment of Arkansas quartz crystals and have been making wands in preparation for the upcoming Faire. Come and visit and you’ll see a hand crafted brass windchimes, handmade wooden puzzle box’s and Celtic design box’s…perfect for storing your tarot cards, crystals, and jewelry…and more… https://www.facebook.com/Something-Different-Gypsys-Mystical-Caravan-362504033855840/?fref=ts

Somewhere Beyond – The Coin Mint

Come see us create for you custom minted coins and medallions. Choose bronze, pure .999 silver or Layered gold. Also 14kt and 22kt on special order. https://www.facebook.com/Somewear-Beyond-172650782746066/

Sterling Armory

Here at Sterling Armory, we work to produce quality hand crafted arms and armor for stage combat use, sparring blunts for sword on sword martial arts training use, and sharp pieces for martial arts cutting exercises. Each piece is designed by mechanical engineer Chris Fields, who has an extensive history of practical applications for swords in today’s world, with over 20 years stage combat experience, and 25 years martial arts experience in several arts. http://www.sterlingarmory.com/

Tin Can Tinkers Designs

A professional costumer for over 30+ years, be sure to visit the Tin Can Tinkers Designs. Throughout her career, she has designed and constructed many very elaborate and difficult stage sets and costumes. – http://www.tincantinkersdesigns.com/


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