Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire ~ 2017 Cast Auditions

August 19, 2017 from 9:30am to 2:00pm
15600 Silver Eagle Rd, Groveland, FL 34736

CALL BACKS: August 26, 2017 - time TBD.
Performers invited to call backs will be notified by email.


Doors open at 9:30 AM. Please come prepared with one (or more) of the following:

  • 30 second monologue
  • 16 measures of a song; will be acapella
  • short demonstration of your dance/gymnastics ability

Due to liability issues, children under the age of 12 must have a parent in the cast in order to participate in the cast.

Faire Dates and Location:

  • The Faire will be held over two weekends – November 4, 5 & November 10, 11, 12
  • Faire Site is located on 448 across from Lake Idamere Park in Tavares, Florida.

Rehearsals: Total of eight (8) Saturday rehearsals starting September 9th.  Rehearsals start promptly at 10AM, ending at 1PM.

  • The first six (6) rehearsals are held at South Lake High School.
  • The last two (2) rehearsals October 21 and 28 are at the Faire site in Tavares.

Cast of Characters: There are a limited number of positions; actors cast are required to participate in every Faire date.

  • Stage Crew (20): The backbone of our Faire.  Crew are a core part of pulling together our site. Handy with tools is a bonus.  Looking for both adults & teenagers to volunteer.
  • Nobility (28 total): Wear elegant & layered costumes (hoop skirts, head coverings, stockings, etc.  Scheduled performances, as part of the Royal Court, attending Jousts, Chess Match, Procession, and other ‘Royal’ activities.
    • Ladies-in-Waiting (4): Nobility who are close consorts of our Royals.
    • Guards (10): Nobles who protect the King, Queen and Lady Arbella; look like bouncers and run errands when needed.
    • Noble Servants (4): Nobility who are a part of Court.
    • Visiting Nobles (4): Accompany the Royals throughout the day.
    • House of Three Sisters (6): Group of men/women who run the Information Booth, including tickets for Handfasting, creating Certificates for Children Knighting/Handfasting, Award prizes for the King’s Crusade, & Lost and Found collectors. Additional cast will be scheduled throughout the day.
  • Rose Sisters (8): – Group of women singers who have scheduled stage performances.
  • Fairies (6): – Group of performers who have scheduled stage performances.  Fairies are also required to work the lanes, “flit” around making magic (and mischief) and entertaining the smaller patrons (and those young at heart!) This ensemble has a cost and time required for costumes.
  • Dancers (8): Group of men/women who will have scheduled performances during the Faire.
  • Actors (8): A group of amateur actors really trying to perform Shakespearean plays.  They will write and perform condensed skits based on Shakespeare.  Must have excellent improvisation skills. They have scheduled performances at faire.
  • Royal Reporters (8): A comedic team that is part town crier and part Fox News.  They have scheduled performances at faire.
  • Bar Servers (4 total): All will attend tip training.
    • Pub Wenches (2): Must be at least 18! – sell beer & wine at Lord Edward’s Pub located in the adult section of the faire.
    • Monks (2): Must be at least 18! - sell beer & wine at the Drunk Monk Pub
  • Gypsies (8): Cast who lead the King’s Crusade, and support other special events (i.e. chess match, opening gate, procession, handfasting etc.)
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