KingJames&Chalice_2015Tis the Year of our Lord, 1606 and King James I is on the throne. King James is the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, the great-great-grandson to Henry VII, and cousin to Queen Elizabeth I. Already the King of the Scots, King James becomes the monarch of England and Ireland following Queen Elizabeth’s death in 1603.

The Court & Nobility

November 5th marks the one year Anniversary of the Gunpowder plot and Guy Fawkes’ attempt to blow up Parliament. To distract the King, he has been invited with his wife, Queen Anne of Denmark, to the Shire of Shrewsbury to enjoy the celebrations being provided to entertain the King, His Court, and the visiting Nobility at the annual Autumn Festival.

CaptainMalcomAs conspiracies are common at Court, His Majesty’s men are attempting to ferret out other schemers. The Guards, led by Captain Malcolm Wolfe (Malcolm Paul Edward Michael Anthony Joseph Wolfe to his friends) accompanies the King and Nobility, protecting the peace, and carrying heavy objects (or people) when needed.

You can also help Captain Malcom by participating in the Royal Crusade, asking those who wear a RED or BLUE ribbons for clues to solve the Intrigue! Stop by the House of the Three Sisters, located next to the O’Malley Stage, and they explain the Royal Crusade game and award prizes to those who participate, when the Crusade is completed.

Cast Entertainers

Several times a day, a group of very energetic Dancers perform at the May Pole teaching children how to do simple dances of the time.

Be sure to keep your eyes open as Fairies flit around making magic (and mischief) and entertaining the smaller patrons (and those young at heart!)  See if you can catch all ‘four seasons’.

The Rose Sister’s household of 10 unmarried, eligible ladies will entertain you with songs of love, men and of course, Ale. Be sure to listen to the lovely at the O’Malley Stage.

But be wary of The Renegades.  These pirate singers are a scurvy crew and when they are not on their ship entertaining you may find them in the lanes, so hide your gold!

Do you know your Shakespeare?  You may run into a band of Actors performing. They may ask for your help as they usually get most of their skits wrong!

And of course, we have the King’s Messengers part town crier and part Fox News this group of “reporters” can be found in the lanes of the faire educating unsuspecting patrons.

And roaming through the Shire are a band of Gypsies led by the Gypsy King, Papa Vladimir Kopalinni. Hide any baubles that glitter as this jingling tribe tries to pocket all shiny things.   They have also been known to distract unwary patrons by groveling on the ground.

And to keep you informed, check in with our good Lord Mayor or stop by The House of the Three Sisters for the goings on within our community.




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